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24.02.2017 02:08 Age: 7 yrs
Category: MaxSVN

MaxSVN Updates

Due to the release of SVN 1.8.17 and 1.9.5 the following versions have been released today and can be downloaded from the project page:

  • 1.7.22-6
  • 1.8.17-1
  • 1.9.5-1
  • trunk-dev-r1771118-1

More than 121 man hours were invested into this release (equaling an investment of >12,100.- Euro).

Highlights in these versions are:

  • improved SVN test coverage

    • enabled tests which require elevated privileges
    • ensuring deployed content is actually tested
    • MaxSVN 1.7.x: [fsfs] x [ra_local | ra_svn | ra_serf (http) | ra_neon (http)]
    • MaxSVN 1.8.x: [fsfs] x [ra_local | ra_svn | ra_serf (http)]
    • MaxSVN 1.9.x: [fsfs | fsx] x [ra_local | ra_svn | ra_serf (http)]
    • MaxSVN trunk: [fsfs | fsx] x [ra_local | ra_svn | ra_serf (http) | ra_serf (https)]

  • All MaxSVN versions ship with all available standard SVN tools now.
  • MaxSVN trunk: Contains the svn mergeinfo normalizer tool again which was missing in the previous version.
  • MaxSVN trunk: Contains a fix for a deadlock condition when utilizing the experimental fsx filesystem.
  • Notable build environment changes

    • Apache httpd builds integrate OpenSSL now (for https test coverage and to make a step towards a feature complete SVN build environment).
    • OpenSSL is built using NASM now (previous builds relied on the Microsoft assembler (ml64.exe)).

Please note that normally we'd have shipped this version with OpenSSL 1.1.0c. However, we decided to postpone an upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1.0 for the time being due to Apache httpd not having a compatible release available just yet.