No Day/Night was an addon for WoW which disabled the day/night indicator in WoW by default as well as provide the functionality to toggle the indicator by pressing a key. It was originally developed by Sepioth (version <= 0.4) before I took over the maintenance.

The day/night indicator was positioned around the minimap and was relatively large (compared to other minimap-buttons). Furthermore, it used up the space which several addons were competing for (since other addons could place their own buttons around the minimap, too). The only real functionality (beside showing up a sun/moon depending on the current time) was to display the server time when moving the mouse cursor over the icon.

Even though displaying the time was a useful feature (because some game content like the fishing event or the beginning/end of specific season related content was time related), several addons also displayed the time themselves (like Titan Panel or FuBar) and thereby replaced the necessity to use the day/night indicator.

Hence, No/Day night was a rather small addon, but quite popular for some players (especially amongst those who customized the UI themselves).

Eventually the day/night indicator was replaced with a calendar in WoW 3.0.2.
Since the calendar button is the only means to access the calendar, the button became quite useful again and the usefulness of removing it was reduced. Hence, I decided to discontinue developing this addon and spend the time on more useful features.

This page just provides the archived versions of that addon for reference purposes.


+ = added (feature)
* = changed/fixed
- = removed (feature)

version 1.5
* updated toc for version 2.4

version 1.4
* updated toc for version 2.3
* a couple of mistakes have been corrected in the readme file

version 1.3
* updated toc for version 2.2
* corrected spelling mistake in a code comment

version 1.2
* updated toc for version 2.1
* updated the readme file to fix some mistakes and clarify a few things

version 1.1
+ added a thanks section to the readme file
* bugfix: using the keybinding to toggle the day/night indicator will nolonger raise a nil error
* some minor spelling mistakes have been corrected

version 1.0
+ starting with version 1.0 this addon is distributed under the GNU GPL v2
+ added German localisation for the entry in WoW's keybinding menu
* completely revamped the code to be able to run without an xml file, add localisation capabilities and stop spamming the global namespace
* updated toc for version 2.0.3 (The Burning Crusade)
- removed nodni.xml file, since it's no longer used

version 0.5
+ added German strings to the addon's description in the toc file
* updated toc for version 2.0.1 (Before the Storm)

starting with version 0.5
coded by Luke1410

version 0.4 and before
coded by Sepioth