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24.08.2017 22:43 Age: 6 yrs
Category: MaxSVN

MaxSVN Updates

With some delay I'm catching up with the releases of MaxSVN today. SVN 1.8.18, 1.8.19, 1.9.6, 1.9.7, and 1.10.0-alpha3 were released meanwhile. For a start, new MaxSVN versions for SVN 1.8.18, 1.9.6, and most notably for the first 1.10.0 alpha version are available now and can be downloaded from the project page:
- 1.7.22-7 !!! KNOWN SECURITY ISSUE !!!
- 1.8.18-1 !!! KNOWN SECURITY ISSUE !!!
- 1.9.6-1 !!! KNOWN SECURITY ISSUE !!!
- 1.10.0-alpha3-1 !!! KNOWN SECURITY ISSUE !!!
- trunk-dev-r1805277-1

More than 33 man hours were invested into this release (equaling an investment of >3,300.- Euro).

Highlights in these versions are:
- MaxSVN 1.10: first official (alpha) release

A security issue was detected in SVN meanwhile which was fixed in SVN 1.8.19 and SVN 1.9.7. All of the new versions except for trunk-dev-r1805277-1 are affected by this security issue.
For the 1.8- and 1.9-version lines this security issue will be fixed in the upcoming MaxSVN versions.
For the 1.10-versions the security issue is expected to get fixed in the next SVN 1.10-release at which time MaxSVN will incorporate the fix.
For the 1.7-version the issue will be fixed eventually, but it's unclear at the time of writing this when this will happen.