Upgrade to Typo3 4.3.6

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.3.6 which contains yet more bugfixes.

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Upgrade to Typo3 4.3.5

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.3.5 which contains especially bugfixes for regressions introduced in version 4.3.4.

Category: homepage updates


Upgrade to Typo3 4.3.4

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.3.4 which contains several bugfixes.

Further upgrades will be coming during the next couple of days including the move to Typo3 4.4 before I'll continue work on the release of the next Titan Quests version.

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Titan Quests 3.0.1 on its way

Now that Titan Panel 4.3.5 has been released, I'm stating work on the next bugfix release for Titan Quests.

Even though Titan Quests seems to work just well with the new Titan Panel version one new issue is an error message which pops up when starting WoW saying that Titan Quests had already been registered with Titan Panel.

This is due to changes to the initialization system for Plugins in Titan Panel and some changes have to be made to Titan Quests to get it working completely correctly with Titan Panel.

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Titan Quests 3.0.0 released

The beta 1 has been out for over two weeks now and I didn't receive any bugreports. Hence, I assume that the version is stable enough to make it the release version.

Only the readme file received some updates (including the link to incgamers, where Titan Quests can be downloaded, too now).

Next will be version 3.0.1 which receives a handful of bugfixes and compatibility changes to make it work with the new Titan Panel.

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Upgraded to Typo3 4.3.3

Typo3 was just upgraded to the latest version, incorporating several bugfixes.

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Upgraded to Typo3 4.3.2

In order to fix some more bugs in typo3, the software was upgraded to 4.3.2 and in order to speed up further upgrades, a upgrade procedure was created.

The upgrade to the latest version (4.3.3) which contains several more bugfixes should follow tomorrow.

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Titan Quests page updated

The Titan Quests page has been completely updated with the latest information, including the roadmap for the beta cycle and a list of planned upcoming features.

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Titan Quests 3.0.0 - beta 1 released

Finally it's available. Beta 1 of Titan Quests 3.0.0 has been released.

It can be downloaded directly here or alternatively from:



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Titan Quests beta almost there

Finally the release of Titan Quests is on the horizon. All coding and testing for the beta is complete and only finishing up the readme is pending. That task should be completed within a day or two. So expect to see the beta release of version 3.0.0 this week.

The version will be available from this homepage as well as from the following three WoW addon pages:


http://wowui.incgamers.com (with a couple of days delay, due to time required to transfer the existing project)


Category: Titan Quests

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