Server updated to Debian 7.7

The server was just upgraded to Debian 7.7 which brings a couple of corrections.

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X Rebirth page will be retired

In order to change the focus of this homepage, things related to X Rebirth will be retired this Friday (10-24-14).

The time this frees-up will be used to focus the page on other content/topics which you'll see coming the next days.

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Upgrade to Typo3 4.5.36

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.5.36 which contains some bugfixes.

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Server updated to Debian 7.6

The server was just upgraded to Debian 7.6 which brings a couple of corrections.

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Bugtracker up and running again.

After a 8 hours downtime starting at 6am UTC this morning, the bugtracker is up and running again.

The downtime was caused by an unexpected server restart and a startup issue of the JIRA instance due to an too low configured timeout-setting, which didn't cope for high server loads on the virtual server, JIRA is running on. The timeout was increased so that this problem should no longer occur.

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Server updated to Debian 7.5

The server was just upgraded to Debian 7.5 which brings a couple of corrections (for instance in the Apache webserver).

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Upgrade to Typo3 4.5.35

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.5.35 which contains some bugfixes.

Furthermore, some issues introduced in the typo3-upgrade handling scripts which were introduced after the migration to the new server were fixed.

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X Rebirth bugtracker updates.

In the last days a few changes were made to the bugtracker:

  • The dashboard was updated and contains a list of reportedly fixed issues in a following patch as well as a list of issues fixed in a previous version.
  • Some updates were done to the workflow

    • overall the workflow was cleaned-up to make it easier readable
    • button to transit issues through the workflow are now consistently positioned
    • "Needs Info" transition is now consistently named in all workflow states

  • Alltogether 31 issues have been added to the bugtracker atm.

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X Rebirth Bugtracker updated and server migration completed

During the past days a lot of changes were done to the bugtracker. It's too many to list all, but here are some of the more important ones:

  • simplified the bugtracker by removing features/fields/values which are not useful and just bloat the bugtracker
  • updated dashboard to focus on bugreports and highest voted issues
  • set-up the workflow for confirming, reporting, and marking issues as fixed/resolved

In addition the migration to the new server is now complete.

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X Rebirth Community Bugtracker and official Titan Quests bugtracker live

There it is. After some hard work one of the bigger planned updates to the homepage went live.

JIRA, a bug/issue tracking solution, was integrated into the webpage and now serves 3 purposes:
- personal TODO list for my work required on this homepage
- the official Titan Quests bugtracker (replacing the old way to just send me bugs per mail)
- the unofficial Community bugtracker for X Rebirth

I expect that especially the X Rebirth community bug tracker is of interest to most users and I'll write a few words tomorrow on its purpose and what it's meant to be used for.

For the time being however, it's already up and running and just waiting there to be entered all the known issues/bugs.

Category: homepage updates

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