X Rebirth Changelog updated

New content added to the X Rebirth changelog:

Beta 1.4
partially Beta 1.3

Also some other minor tweaks were done.

Category: X Rebirth


Server updated to Debian 6.0.8

The server got updated to Debian 6.0.8 and everything is up and running again.

Several settings were tweaked which should improve things behind the scenes. It also paves the way for further typo3 (including its addons) updates and brings server-side updates (including security updates) back to live.

Last but not least this update was a prerequisite for some further planned changes on the webpage which should be announced when the time comes.

Category: homepage updates


Preparations to update Debian to 6.0.

Further progress was made to update the server to Debian 6.0.

In particular confixx was removes and remaining traces to phpmyadmin were dropped.

Category: homepage updates


Upgrade to Typo3 4.5.32

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.5.32 which contains several security related fixes.

Category: homepage updates


Upgrade to Typo3 4.5.31

Typo3 has just been updated to 4.5.31 which contains several bugfixes.

Category: homepage updates


Webserver update

In order to prepare the webserver to be upgraded from Debian 5.0.10 to Debian 6.x the logging system was changed from klogd/sysklogd to rsyslogd.

Category: homepage updates


News plugin configurations changed

The used ttnews plugin was updated to the latest version (3.5.0) and several configuration glitches were corrected:

- links are displayed directly on the overview page
- news are no longer truncated on the overview page
- the link to show more information was removed

Thanks to Rupert Germann who pointed out the initial cause of the configuration problem.

Category: homepage updates


Homepage configuration updated

Several configuration issues on the web server were solved and all Typo3 extensions were upgraded to the latest compatible versions. Solved configuration issues include:

- php5-xcache not working (partially removed and configuration files pointing to wrong data)
- typo3 scheduler not running automatically (missing cronjob setup)
- scheduler not clearing database backend cache regularly

Category: homepage updates


Titan Quests 3.0.10 released

Titan Quests 3.0.10 has just been released and can be downloaded on the project page.

* no changes compared to 3.0.10 - beta 1

Category: Titan Quests


Titan Quests 3.0.10 - beta 1 released

Titan Quests 3.0.10 - beta 1 has just been released and is undergoing a two week beta test phase. It can be downloaded on the project page.

* updated toc for WoW 5.4.x

Category: Titan Quests

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